Move and package:
your end of line system entirely designed and built by a single partner.

Many solutions
from a single partner

PRL Tecnosoft designs and produces your end of line system, handling your loose products throughout each packaging stage.

Your partner right from the design stage

From the analysis of a client’s specific needs, from the headquarters in Lonato del Garda (BS), the technical department at PRL Tecnosoft studies and develops innovative solutions that are customized and completely customizable.

We move your products and your packs

Maximum attention is paid to every detail to provide the highest performance in terms of productivity, hygiene and sanitation, and a reduction in maintenance costs.

Sort, divert, stack:
we find the right solution!

After having packed the product, how do I turn the box in the right direction for the next packaging phase?

Packaging machines, weighing and multi-station combination scales, vision systems, metaldetectors and palletizers.

All you need in order to best pack and control the quality of your line products.

Electric panels for management and control, robotics solutions

The automation of machines and systems is developed by specialized technicians at PRL Tecnosoft who deal with the design, programming and production of electric and pneumatic panels, as well as the creation of sophisticated management and control software.

New life for your machine!

PRL Tecnosoft works on main packaging machines to help adapt them to the ever changing new needs in a company, according to current safety regulations.

Specialized technicians are always at your disposal for any technical assistance and maintenance needed for your systems.


Discover here some examples of handling solutions for food products and packages.



Say hello to robotics in your process and packaging lines!

A new division of PRL TECNOSOFT is just born, completely focused on traditional robots, cobots and special automation.

For more than 20 years:
specialists in bakery products

PRL Tecnosoft‘s speciality is the management and handling of bakery products.

We fully understand the different characteristics regarding biscuits, crispbread, crackers, bread and confectionery products.
We take care of the product from when it leaves the oven and we take care of it until the palletization stage, developing ad hoc solutions to respect the different characteristics of each production.

Those who rely on us are plant and production managers working for the most important Italian and European producers in the food industry.


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